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Real Estate Doubled to 2 in 3 Years

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Real Estate Doubled to 2 in 3 Years

House Prices in Summer Regions Increased 100 Percent in 3 Years. The biggest price 

increase was in Kaş, Alanya, Kemer, Kuşadası and Bodrum. Price in the Second Hand 

Market in Alanya 3 thousand, 3 thousand 500 in Kemer, 4 thousand 500 in Kusadasi, 

Kas 6 thousand, 8 thousand pounds in Bodrum starts. Branded Housing Projects Price 

Is 65 Thousand Square Meters.

With the arrival of the summer, the eyes turned to the summer house market. Real 

Estate Appraisal Company Nazar Real Estate Provincial City Prices examined. 

According to the research on second-hand houses in the most affordable summer 

houses in Tekirdağ, Canakkale and Balikesir. Second Hand Houses In These Provinces 

Price Of 2 Thousand 500 Liras Starts. The most expensive region in Bodrum, the 

price is 8-10 thousand pounds per square meter. Antalya Kemer Price Square Meter 

Between 3 Thousand 500 Lira and 5 Thousand Lira, while Kaş, 6 thousand pounds 

starts up to 8 thousand pounds. Izmir's Most Popular District In Cesme Price Square 

5-6 Thousand Lira.

Price change in the last 3 years was also examined. The most value increase was in 

Kaş with 140 percent. 3 Years ago 2 Thousand 500 Lira Price Square Meter Today 6 

Thousand Pounds Today. Prices in Alanya, Kemer, Kuşadası and Bodrum increased by 

100 percent in 3 years.

Holiday Home / Apartment

Due to increasing hotel prices this year, many people will spend their holiday in 

summer houses. According to the research of Nazar Real Estate Company, Bodrum and 

Çeşme are the regions where the highest numbers are demanded. Cesme Monthly Rental 

Cost 10-15 thousand pounds, 12-20 thousand pounds in Bodrum is changing between. 

Rental Cost 5-6 Thousand in Marmaris, 4-6 Thousand Liras in Kusadasi, while in 

Antalya 3-4 Thousand Falls. Monthly Rents in the Villas of the World Famous Hotel 

Chains in Bodrum Find 150-200 Thousand TL.

Bodrum is one of the most preferred regions of branded housing producers in recent 

years. Bodrum Yalikavak, Golturkbuku, Bitez, Gundogan, Gumusluk Neighborhoods 

Stating that the Real Estate Consultancy Company Nazar Real Estate Office Owner 

Hasan Cevkiroglu, “Bodrum branded housing projects on an average basis starts from 

35 thousand tl. Up to 65 thousand tl in some projects. There was an average 

increase of 40% in Bodrum in 3 years. This ratio has increased to 100 percent in 

new luxury branded projects ”. Izmir is the most preferred summer zone indicating 

that the fountain Cevkiroglu, New and Branded House Average Price of 10 thousand 

pounds and 30 thousand pounds has changed between 30 thousand pounds said. 

Indicating that the other preference of those who want to buy a summer house in 

Izmir, Tezal, the average price of 5 thousand pounds in new projects here, he said. 

Evaluating Antalya Summer House Market Cevkiroglu, “Antalya's Most Preferred Areas 

Kas and Kalkan More European and British Preference. The increase in the exchange 

rate provided an advantage for Europeans in these regions. Turks prefer Kemer, 

Beldibi and Çamyuva, Side and Manavgat. Alanya is a region preferred by German 

tourists. New Projects in Antalya are carried out by local, well-established 

construction brands. 3 - 6 Thousand square meters of summer residence can be taken 

in Antalya, "he said.

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