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Fascinating Journeys to the Most Famous Places of Alanya

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Fascinating Journeys to the Most Famous Places of Alanya

Alanya, Turkey is not only one of the world's most important tourist spot. Alanya, which brings natural and historical beauties that take your journey far beyond a sea holiday. Yes, the beaches of Alanya are also quite famous, but would you like to go a little further and visit the important buildings that carry the region to the historical scene? Here is a list of things to do in Alanya that you will definitely want to benefit from…

Healing Source Damlataş Cave

If you like the magical world of the caves that have sprung from film sets, there are many caves to see in Alanya. The most magnificent and famous of these is, of course, Damlataş. The cave which is formed as a result of the rain temperature flowing through the crevices and gaps in the ceiling due to the constant air temperature in the summer and winter at 23.3 degrees and the humidity rate of 98%, is located on the sea shore and is only 1 km away from Alanya. The discovery of the cave was completely coincidental during the construction of Alanya Pier in 1948. Damlataş Cave, which you should not end your holiday without seeing, is a rare natural wonder under protection.

Also, if you have a breathing disorder, Dripstone will come to you quite well. Various researches of doctors and chemists have found that stalactites, which are thought to have occurred in 15.000 years and can reach up to 15 meters in length, are good for asthma and bronchitis patients suffering from respiratory problems.

Phosphorus Cave

The Phosphorus Cave, which can only be reached by sea and where small boats can pass, takes its name from the light games that originate from its geological structure. Swim during the tour is the fun part.

Dim Cave is a rare natural miracle that must be seen as a million-year old cave.

Alanya Castle

Built by the Seljuk Dynasty Alaaddin Keykubat in the 13th century, next to the ruins of the Hellenistic Roman period, the castle is one of the must-see places in Alanya. On the rocky peninsula, at an altitude of 250 meters, there is an inner castle, which is considered an open-air museum.

In addition, Suleiman the Magnificent Mosque, Sitti Zeynep Tomb, Akşabe Sultan Tomb, the Seljuk Baths, the Aras, the bazaar, big and small cisterns, preserved until today, along with the lighthouse and dungeon whereas Turkey is the only Seljuk castle, the most important reason for you to visit.

Atatürk Museum

The house, where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was rested for a while in 1935 and was a representative of the examples of historical civil architecture, was opened to visitors as a museum in 1984 with the donation of the owner. On the first floor of the house where some photographs, personal belongings and historical documents of Atatürk are exhibited, you can observe the characteristic structure of old Alanya houses as living, working and bedrooms.

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