Citizenship in Turkey

Citizenship in Turkey

The Turkish Citizenship Law governs citizenship in Turkey. It outlines eligibility criteria and the procedures for acquiring or denying Turkish citizenship. Turkish citizenship comes with many rights and responsibilities. It allows you to vote, work and own property. You can also receive state protection and take part in the country's...

Residence Permits in Turkey

Residence Permits in Turkey

A Residence Permit is a document that permits a foreign national to live in Turkey for a certain period. For stays of more than 90 days, the permit must be issued by Turkey's government. A number of documents are required to obtain a Residence Permit. These include a passport, proof...

Acquisition Of Citizenship Through Real Estate In Turkey

By law, adopted in 2017, foreigners could receive citizenship of the Republic of Turkey, if they buy a house 1 million dollars worth and keep in the hands for 3 years,. This amount decreased to 250 thousand dollars with the change made in 2018.

Tourist Expectation to Alanya in 2021 Summer Season

Life had come to a standstill due to the coronavirus that spread rapidly all over the world last year. Borders were closed, flights were stopped, and tourism, as in many other sectors, was largely disrupted.

From Commune Life to Seclution With Pandemic

During the epidemic, where we learned to live individually away from socialization, most of our habits changed. This process deeply affected both working life and holiday choices.

Online sales of ‘Avocado', the green pearl of Alanya, increased

The tropical fruit “Avocado" born in Central Mexico, then spread to Jamaica, Spain, Indonesia, Brazil and all over the world, was named “alligator pear" for centuries and named avocado for the first time in 1915.