Acquisition Of Citizenship Through Real Estate In Turkey

By law, adopted in 2017, foreigners could receive citizenship of the Republic of Turkey, if they buy a house 1 million dollars worth and keep in the hands for 3 years,. This amount decreased to 250 thousand dollars with the change made in 2018.

Countries Granting Citizenship on the Condition of Making an Investment

Living abroad and getting citizenship is very popular, especially in recent times, and it is the dream of many people. Countries to give citizenship to foreigners, of course, there are some conditions such as ; buying a house, investing, and donating.

Alanya Highland Culture

Alanya Highland Culture

Visited by thousands of tourists every year from around the world for its sea sun and the beach, the most preferred holiday destination of Turkey, Alanya, is also very suitable for Highland tourism with its climatic, rural features, traditional lifestyle and excess of areas suitable for mountain and hiking.

A Queen Passed Here "Cleopatra Beach"

Cleopatra Beach, located in Alanya, the pearl of the Mediterranean, which enthrones the hearts of thousands of tourists every year with its deep blue sea, fine sand and awesome atmosphere, starts from the west side of the historical Alanya peninsula and has a length of 2 km.

More Than a Soup "Gülüklü Soup"

More Than a Soup "Gülüklü Soup"

Some people who call it Külüklü, and some call it Hülüklü ... Regardless of its name, "Gülüklü Soup", a soup with a registered geographical indication, is indispensable for Alanya wedding meals.

Tourist Expectation to Alanya in 2021 Summer Season

Life had come to a standstill due to the coronavirus that spread rapidly all over the world last year. Borders were closed, flights were stopped, and tourism, as in many other sectors, was largely disrupted.