Living abroad and getting citizenship is very popular, especially in recent times, and it is the dream of many people. Countries to give citizenship to foreigners, of course, there are some conditions such as ; buying a house, investing, and donating. We have listed for you which country grants citizenship rights under which terms and conditions.

USA; If you have approximately 585 thousand dollars of cash, you can get citizenship from America. 500 thousand dollars of this is the investment and the rest is the expense.
With a single application, the whole family, that is, the father, mother and all unmarried children under the age of 21 receive a Green Card.

BRITAIN; It is necessary to invest at least £ 2 million to £ 10 million in British companies operating in the UK or in UK treasury bills.
To obtain permanent residence, he or she must have a residence in the country for 3 to 5 years and have a bank account registered in the UK.

IRELAND; The Irish Government requires foreign investors to purchase real estate worth 400,000 Euros to grant a residence allowance.

MALTA; It is enough to donate 789 thousand dollars to the National Development Fund or to have 410 thousand dollars worth of assets in the country to be able to get citizenship in Malta.
Or you can become a citizen by purchasing a house worth at least 350 thousand Euros.

AUSTRALIA; Citizenship and residence permits can be obtained, provided that they invest $ 1 million in the country and have assets worth about $ 2 million.

CANADA; The Canadian government ended the immigration procedure in exchange for money in 2014. But when an entrepreneur invests in a "start-up" style, he can obtain citizenship from Canada.

THAILAND; In the Asian country, which is one of the centers of tourism, citizenship can be obtained at the end of 20 years by consuming 3 thousand to 4 thousand dollars of luxury per year or by owning assets, which is also known as "elite session".

BULGARIA; It is possible to get a one-year residence permit in Bulgaria by paying 594 thousand dollars. In this way, citizenship can be obtained with a "fast procedure" after three consecutive years of residence permit.

SPAIN; He can become a citizen in return for his assets of 585 thousand dollars and 10 years of residence in the country.

GREECE; You can become a citizen of Greece if you have assets worth 292 thousand dollars or commercial assets worth 409 thousand to 585 thousand dollars.

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