Visited by thousands of tourists every year from around the world for its sea sun and the beach, the most preferred holiday destination of Turkey, Alanya,  is also very suitable for Highland tourism with its climatic, rural features, traditional lifestyle and excess of areas suitable for mountain and hiking. Due to the large area of mountainous areas and the intensive activities of plateaus, there are also very wide opportunities for Highland tourism.

Let's take a look at the famous plateaus of Alanya, which is indispensable for local people in summer and visited by foreign tourists on a daily basis;

Gedevet Plateau
Located within the borders of Dereköy, Gedevet Plateau is 25 km away from Alanya. The plateau, where the second houses of the locals are located, has become a recreation area of Alanya for the last 25 years. Camellias, picnic tables, hammocks and toilets are available in the recreation area. At the Park Orman facility here, the village chicken is worth a try. You should definitely visit the enchanting plateau, which is covered with great plane trees and dense pine trees, has plenty of oxygen and has a scent of pine.

Gökbel Plateau
Located in the northeast of Alanya, on the border of Gündoğmuş, on the foothills of Akdağ, the plateau is 60 km away from the center. It is one of the plateaus to which the people living in Kestel town migrate during the summer months. In addition to the people of Kestel, there are many people coming out of the towns of Tosmur, Cikcilli, Çıplaklı and Karakocalı. It is the most crowded plateau of the region and festivities have been held in the plateau for the last three years. Hundreds of local and foreign tourists also visit the festivals organized by the Kestel Municipality and where the nomadic culture is kept alive.

Türktaş Plateau
Türktaş Plateau, also known as Damatlar Plateau, is 29 km away from Alanya and is a rapidly developing plateau where animal farming and early vegetable and fruit production are carried out. The number of modern houses built in Türktaş plateau in recent years has been increasing. It has an atmosphere that should be seen with its tall trees and mountain scenery. In addition to walking, you can enjoy nature by having a picnic.

Mahmutseydi Plateau
This plateau, 25 km away from Alanya, surrounded by red pine trees, is among the safari routes of tourists. Therefore, it is a beautiful plateau known and visited by tourists, where the residents of Alanya also have their second residences and spend the summer season. The settlement in Mahmutseydi is also similar to the construction in Gedevet Plateau, and villa-type mansions are increasing day by day. There are many picnic places on Mahmutseydi plateau road and there are restaurants serving meat dishes.

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