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Apartments, Land and Business for Sale in Alanya

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Apartments, Land and Business for Sale in Alanya

Alanya, Turkey Situated in the Mediterranean region and our very rich in terms of tourism depends on a district of Antalya province. The distance to the city center is approximately 154 km. Located on the shores of Turkey's southern coast in Alanya, it has a surface area of approximately 1,599 km² area. Alanya is a beautiful city that welcomes thousands of local and foreign tourists every year from abroad and domestic. Of course, many people like this very beautiful Alanya after arriving very much, the air and sea with a full living space in the district begins to make research to obtain a property. In this process you can find the most suitable apartment options for sale in Alanya and you can own a property in this unique city. As a property owner in a tourism area like Alanya, you can enjoy the sea, holiday and nature at any time.

Nazar Real Estate offers you the most suitable apartments for sale in Alanya, commercial properties for sale in Alanya, information about villas for sale, plots for sale in Alanya and more. With over 19 years experience in the sector and equipped professional team, it always provides services to its customers in real estate purchase and sale of real estate such as rental, consultancy, investment consultancy, house for sale, land for sale in Alanya region. You can come to www.alanyanazaremlak.com address to examine and contact the ads.

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